Monday, March 25, 2019

A few more from our 120th day!

We're 120 Days Smarter!

On Thursday, March 21st, we celebrated our 120th day of school!

When the students arrived, they worked on coloring their "I'm 120 Days Smarter!" crowns.  At morning meeting, the students shared their favorite part of first grade so far.  Before independent reading, students were challenged to write 120 words from around the room.  They loved this task and found some interesting words! Some students copied words from our word wall, while others found words from our books and poems.

After lunch, we came back and did 120 seconds of exercises.  These included:  jumping jacks, crunches, sit ups, and push ups.  The students were great sports about it!

For math, we did centers revolving around the number 120! The students rolled a dice 120 times and graphed the results.  The students traveled in centers and built with 120 blocks, 120 Legos, 120 cups, and did a 120th day mystery picture.  Here are some of their creations.

It was a very busy, fun day!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

PS -- We also have a Donors Choose project posted for non-fiction books.  The students have loved studying non-fiction and learning about our world.  I have noticed some holes in our classroom library, so I have posted a project for some books to meet students' interests.  Please feel free to share with your family and friends! Every donation helps bring our projects to life! Click below to view our project.

Open a Book and Learn About the World!